Hospital Cardiology Practices

We offer a variety of services to ensure that an investment in cardiology clinic imaging solutions is valuable to the patient and the facility

In a progressive cardiology clinic, staying on the leading edge of healthcare is essential to the well-being of patients in every way. Every department needs money, technology, resources, staffing, and they come to you looking for answers. Finding a balance between the most advanced treatments available and their feasibility is a demanding responsibility that depends on strong industry partnerships and an equal understanding between departments.

At CDL, we work alongside you to develop financial and business strategies that result in maximized efficiencies for Cardiac PET/CT technology and its operational, maintenance, and supply necessities. We understand that the decision to implement Cardiac PET/CT imaging technology at your clinic is greatly influenced by projected utilization rates and sustainability, which often depend on the functionality and efficiency of the equipment and the capabilities of specialists and personnel – an additional expense to consider.

However, CDL also understands the processes of Cardiac PET/CT operation and has developed solutions and processes to ensure successful implementations with sustainable results.  We ensure clients of all sizes a seamless integration of the latest Cardiac imaging technology within their daily operations.